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The Zine and Independent Comic Symposium (ZICS) is a 3-day event to be held in Brisbane, Australia at The Edge on Friday 29 Aug, Saturday 30th Aug, & Sunday 31st August. The event aims to provide a forum for the talents involved in independent publishing within Brisbane and across the nation.

The launch event will feature a variety of creative activities, music and an opportunity to mingle and share a drink with some of Australia’s best creative talent from the zine and indie comic world.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a zine and comic fair where local and interstate artists and writers will showcase their creations for sale and trade. Along with this a range of workshops and panels will be conducted – from beginner guides on how to make your own zine or comic, to advanced master classes. A range of evening events are also planned including music and new publication launches!

ZICS is a not for profit community collective, all run by volunteers who want to put on an event different to the usual conventions. ZICS is about people’s passions and engaging with the community. You won’t see any cosplay or bakesales at ZICS, we want this event to be about more than navel gazing or money. This is the chance for local artists to show their skills and wares, and it’s a chance for the wider community to find out about independent publishing and the talents in Australia.